Friday, 18 March 2011

Grandchildren, Aren’t they adorable!

Today is cleaning day in my house! Every Tuesday.
From very early on this morning my 21 month old grandson started to amaze me. Recently, he started picking up every word we say.  I was in the kitchen, when he came to me and asked me something from the kitchen table. He said,”pathi, tshyu”. I picked him up and started handing over things from the bench top one by one, because I didn’t understand what he was trying to say. He didn’t get what he was looking for. Immediately he realised that he should change his approach, so pointed at something. There lay the tissue box. He wanted a tissue.  He got a tissue and a kiss on the cheek.
Later I was busy doing something when my daughter asked me to listen to him. He had surprised her with something he said. He immediately came to me and said “koyin” while holding a 20 cent coin in his hand. What a show off! Another kiss from both of us!
Then he became his naughty self again.
I was mopping the ground floor after having finished mopping the basement level. Both my daughter and I just looked away from him for a minute.
He thought “This is my chance. I’m going to walk backwards with a toy in my hand”.
Next minute he had walked into the bucket of water. The bucket toppled, spilling all the water and he fell down on the bucket and started crying. It was chaotic!  I had to mop the whole floor again. Took him to the shower and changed all his clothes. The crying didn’t stop for a long time! He was wondering why mummy was shouting at him! This would have been better with a video clip attached .
One minute they amuse, the very next minute they exasperate!! That’s Children for you!

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Shakthiprabha said...

lol...I understood thats tshyu...looks like aunty is fared well than patti hahahah.

nice to know about granny and mom having great time in turns :)

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